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2019 Intersec | Tiancheng Smart System gets highly recognized and sincerely praised

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2019 Intersec | Tiancheng Smart System gets highly recognized and sincerely praised

Date:2019-01-22 Author: Click:

Today, the highly anticipated 2019 Intersec was successfully concluded at the Dubai International Exhibition Center. Tiancheng Fire Protection was highly recognized and sincerely praised at the show.


Tiancheng Smart Fire Protection System, Safety Home System and Fire Alarm System are in line with the international fire development trend, which have attracted a lot of attention from exhibitors at the Intersec. Customers from the globle generally realize that Tiancheng Smart Fire Protection System has brought people a high-tech and intelligent experience, and expressed their willingness of cooperation to promote the local smart firefighting process and bring people a safer and more harmonious life.


Tiancheng Smart Fire Protection is a new generation of fire protection solutions developed by modern information technology such as Internet of Things, Big Data and the Internet, combined with years of experience in the production. Compared with traditional smart fire protection, Tiancheng Smart Fire Protection has replaced “personal defense” with “technical defense”, which is faster, more precise and multi-platform, greatly improves the safety of urban fire safety.


During the exhibition, ambitious introduction of our product by TC staff and numerous visitors calls more and more attendees to our booth, who are amazed by supreme qualified products and R&D technology, and praise China’s fire protection leading brand TC of their smart fire protection, TC home security system and automatic fire alarm control system. They give us their sincere accreditation and approvals.


One attendee said: we are astonished by China’s unlimited potential. TC smart fire protection has been internationalized, thus it will play an important role on the global arena.


For TC, the 2019 INTERSEC becomes its showing stage of smart fire protection charms and China’s comprehensive fire protection capacity. As a domestic leading enterprise, TC with its innovation and aggressiveness, will profoundly promote smart fire protection, and municipal fire safety. It will also demonstrate China’s fire protection power as an internationalized enterprise entering the global market and add bricks for China’s comprehensive strength!