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Smart Tiancheng| welcome 2019, join hands with intelligent fire fighting,create a better future!

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Smart Tiancheng| welcome 2019, join hands with intelligent fire fighting,create a better future!

Date:2019-01-04 Author: Click:

One year has passed for the splendid land,

Smart TC comes to thousands of homes.

The rising sun ends the old and embraces the new,

The win-win situation creates mutual glory.


New scenery in new year; new start for new year. Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection wishes every member of family, partner, friend, and colleague healthy body, happy family and new atmosphere and splendid new year.

Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection will continue and drive the engine in 2019 and lead smart fire protection agenda profoundly.


As the pioneer smart fire protection field, Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection decides to ‘burn money’ of 150 billion RMB for smart fire protection in 2019. It will boost in R&D and promotion and help smart fire protection launching profoundly.In the first half year of 2019, more than 50 product introduction meetings to be hold in nation, Tiancheng will launch the Smart Fire Protection Product in a new way to the front line of the market.


At the same time, Tiancheng adheres to the development concept of openness, cooperation and win-win idea, and exports technology and output products to partners to achieve deep integration in many aspects. With its strong strength and years of accumulated industry resources, Tiancheng can help partners directly cut into the high value-added links of the value chain, reduce risks in R & D and production, achieve diversified and win-win cooperation and contribute to deepening industry reform.The New Year has been coming, Tiancheng would like to make advances and create a better tomorrow with partners from the industry.