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Smart Tiancheng, launching into the international market |LPCB Commercial Director visited Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

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Smart Tiancheng, launching into the international market |LPCB Commercial Director visited Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

Date:2018-08-25 Author: Click:

LPCB certification, short of Loss Prevention Certification Board, is a British standard in the fields of security and fire protection, which has a sound and all-round mechanisms for the security and fire protection. Having the LPCB certification means the products are up to the British standards. LPCB, as an important certification authority in fire protection engineering, was founded in 1880 and its headquarters is located in UK.


LPCB attaches great importance to the development and revision of certification rules. Any new business in a not-covered field before, LPCB builds one team to formulate the certification rules, absorbs the professionals from all sector of society and represents the ideas of all interested parties. For now, LPCB has owned more than 100 stable teams, contributing to the scientific and standardized certification rules system.


On August 21, 2018, Mr. Martin McCullagh, the BRE Commercial Director of LPCB, visited Liaoning·Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection Equipment Co., Ltd for a 3-day LPCB certification review. This visit is mainly to review the production of fire alarm system and production lines, management system and quality inspection system are also included. Mr. McCullagh gave a high appraisal on this visit and put forward valuable suggestions.


Mr. Martin McCullagh spoke highly of the products of Tiancheng, after acquainting more about the new products of Smart Fire Production System and Home Safety System for Smart Fire Production”. He agreed with that these two systems perfectly solving the fire-fighting problems of the hard problems in the business places under 300m2 like internet bars, hotels, motels, restaurants and etc. are rare in the international high-tech fire protection market. Relay on the advanced technology, Tiancheng has been among the best brands in the international fire protection industry with a bright future.


Tiancheng has complied with “Careful Manufacturing, Integrity Management”, adhere to independent research and development, independent production, continuous innovation and open cooperation. Tiancheng has maintained the steady development of the domestic fire protection market, while actively expanded the overseas fire protection market and the influence of international brands. This LPCB audit is the first step in the international market. We will continue to keep pace with the times, focus on fire technology to let the world get the acquaintance of the advanced and superior products of Tiancheng. "Intelligent Manufacture in Tiancheng, Let the World Know" is going on and will be on.