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Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection Equipment Co,. Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer. Its business covers Automatic Fire Alarm

system, Electrical Fire Monitoring, Emergency Lighting and Exit Indicator system, Large Space Automatic Fire Extinguish

Monitor (Fire Water Cannon) system, Explosion-Proof Detecting and other alarm products. Tiancheng, having a history over

20 years, is one of large-scale production manufacturers with full range of fire protection products and the capability of one-stop

matching orders. Especially in recent years, Tiancheng has committed to a stronger and better company by increasing 

environmental construction of hardware and software, the research and development of products, manufacturing and investment

promotion efforts of brand market. To do this, our company recruits agents and regional sales in worldwide and promises to give 

more preferential policies and technical sales support services. We are waiting for your join to work together for a win-win 

development and a bright future.

Reasons for Join

I. Organization Superiority
1. Honors
Been awarded as High-Tech Enterprise in Liaoning Province for years;
Outstandingly Trustworthy Enterprise in Yingkou
Outstandingly Trustworthy Enterprise in Liaoning Province
Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise in Liaoning Province
2. Standard Management System in creation and usage
Quality management rules system as the standard of ISO9001
Environmental management rules system as the standard of ISO14001
Occupational health and safety management rules system
Committed to the quality by self-supervision and third-party supervision regulations
3. Patent Certificates
Utility-model patent certificate
Clipping Fire Display Panel: ZL 2014 2 0614003.X
Pluggable Fire Detector: ZL 2014 2 0614004.4
Plug-in Module Structure Based on Fire Alarm System: ZL 2014 2 0614039.8
Pluggable Electronic Programmer: ZL 2014 2 0614065.0
Appearance design patent certificate
Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector: ZL 2014 3 0403179.6
Intelligent Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detector: ZL 2014 3 0403182.8
Intelligent Combination Heat/Photoelectric Smoke Detector: ZL 2014 3 0403183.2
Digital Manual Call Point: ZL 2014 3 0403185.1
4. Convenient and Efficient Service Net

The service net including branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Liaoning, Jilin, Gansu, Anhui, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Fujian,

Shenzhen, Shanxi, Henan, Hubei.

Tiancheng has built up a huge sales service team in order to provide sound service for customers including purchase, installation,

commission and service of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale.

5. Team for Security
R&D team after strict selection and with excellent technical;
Production team with strict process and the spirit of pursuing perfection;
Inspection team with strict standard and sticking to principle;
Orders management team with strict regulation and fast troubleshooting;
After-sales team with sticking to discipline and effectiveness;
Online team with round-the-clock service;
Custom service team with the promise of on-time delivery tracking;
Upkeep team with high quality and timely requires.

II. Product Advantages
Full range of products
1. Fire Alarm system (Refer to Product Centre)
2. Electrical Fire Monitoring system (Refer to Product Centre)
3. Emergency Lighting and Exit Indicator system (Refer to Product Centre)
4. Large Space Automatic Fire Extinguish Monitor (Fire Water Cannon) system (Refer to Product Centre)
5. Explosion-Proof system (Refer to Product Centre)
Products with multiple specialties
1. Single-loop power supply in isolation to strength interference ability and prevent system failures
2. Modular design, plug-in installation, easy maintenance
3. Black box to prevent data loss
4. Wireless remote control, quick and easy
5. Gas spray device can be implemented special control
6. Available for non-addressable products, wide range of applications
7. Isolation in communication to prevent interference.
8. Filters installed on output terminals, more reliable.
9. Double insurance: multi-window, multi-information, color display
10. Using 2nd code to program online
Convenient installation and commission
1. Cabling is adopted to two-line system loop, friendly to the costs of material and construction
2. 2nd code programming online, easy and fast
3. Products getting many patent with high technology and stability
4. Plug-in panel board, convenient for installation and maintenance

Service Advantages
1. Branches spread in nationwide, convenient for providing effective services to reginal agents
2. Hot service line: 400-6939-119 to provide long-distance technical supports.
3. Technical service team is waiting around the clock to solve problems on fields

4. Customers can get free services of querying drawing information, drawing and matching orders. The company commits to offering 

the optimal choice.

5. The company has specialized with departments to arrange customers to visit the company and give guidance.

6. The company has established a training base, equipped with full-time teachers to provide free technical training of products

and the company provides free board and lodging.

Price Advantages
1. Automatically high-end production equipment to improve productivity and reduce the costs of production
2. Scientific management to cut costs and reduce the costs of process
3. Quality control is to improve the rate of acceptable products and reduce the costs produced by unacceptable products.
4. The company continues to integrate the process and improve production efficiency to reduce process costs.
5. The company focuses on the balance of self-support and outsourcing to reduce the intermediate costs.
6. The price of procurement is following the market price closely to save the procurement price.
These cost savings will all benefit to customers, so the price can be very low and our company can ensure product quality.

If you are interested in joining our team, please call us at 400-6939-119, and press key of “2” or leave a message online.

 We are waiting for your join.